NSEE SS304 EM3 Residential Single Operator Automatic Swing Gate Door Opener


NSEE EM3 Powerfull Swing Gate Operator can move the heaviest residential gates for your conform, nice look with an aluminum allow for lasting durability, solar capable and many accessories compatible to make this operator the best choice in the market. Use this feature in case of power failure, during installation or maintenance 2. Easy Self-learning…

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Electric Gate Swing Opener Complete Kit One Left Ram Single Sargon M


OXYGEN AUTOMATION ELECTRIC GATE SWING OPENER COMPLETE KIT SARGON ONE LEFT RAM + 3 KEY FOBS + KEYPAD + ELECTRIC LOCK. 1X Sargon Left Ram (the left one looking from inside). Control unit with built-in receiver. 1x Wireless Keypad. 3x Remote Controls (Safety Rolling code 433Mhz). 1x Pair of Photocells. 1x Electric lock. Fixing Accessories…

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